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Install an SQLite database in your Xamarin app

Introduction When we are developing a Xamarin application, one of the important points may be the initialization of the data for our application. To carry this out, there are different options: Download the data when opening the application for the first time Save the data in JSON or XML files Preload a SQLite database In one of my personal projects I had this situation. In the beginning, we had implemented the first option, load the data when organizing the application. The problem with this approach, the data loading can be quite time consuming and the user experience the first time the application is opened can be quite negative. In the measurements it took at the last hour. With respect to the second option, load the data of a JSON, it solves the issue of the issue of the heavy load time, and that the JSON is installed as a resource next to the application. The downside of this is that it is not a highly optimized format when making queries and also the size of

Improvement in the Test Explorer for Visual Studio v15.7

The next Visual Studio update (v15.7) will include an improvement in the Visual Studio Test Explorer that will allow us to see the best organized tests. So far we are seeing them like this: And with the improvement we can see them organized in a hierarchical way, grouped by project, namespace, class and method. This will also facilitate the execution of a set of specific tests (for example if we only want to launch those of a specific class). This is how the explorer test will look in future versions: Although in Visual Studio the test categories already existed ( ), it is good news that by default we are grouped together in a much more practical way. This information is based on the article and since it is not a version in production, you might experience some changes. Happy coding!!