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Multi-language single page applications

Introduction When we are developing applications, one of the challenges is to manage several languages. In particular, I am dealing with this matter in a personal project, which is being developed using vue.js. ( ), so this post is focused on vue.js, but it could be used by other technologies. In order to maintain your language translations, several aspects are desirable: Easy to use. For example, if I am writing html, one tag or class should be enough to say that I want to translate a given literal. Easy to maintain. When we are writing code, we don't want to care about translations or sometimes even we are not allowed to choose a particular, maybe because it is a decision of a different department or a professional translator. Available for multiple coding languages. For example, if we are developing with vue.js, we should consider html, javascript or vue files. If we migrate our application to a different technology (like Angular), our translations