Use tabs in windows explorer with QTTabBar

QTTabBar is the first application that I install when I format my computer, since it allows me to work better with Windows Explorer. Basically, QTTabBar will change windows explorer in order to use tabs, as if you were using Chrome.

This comes in handy when you are working with multiple folders, as for example several shared folders, local directories, etc. Apart from using tabs, QTTabBar has a lot of options to be customized.

By clicking on right button over the toolbar you can access to the options menu:

In tab "Tab" you can customise the behaviour of the events. For example, this is the configuration that I use:

QTTabBar also add some extra behaviour, for example if you double click on an empty space in a folder, it will go up one level. This options can be changed in "Window" tab:

Additionally, there are other useful features such as merge windows into tabs. If you have several instances of windows explorer, you can merge then into one window with several tabs.

QTTabBar is a free application and you can download it in the following link:

Furthermore, there is a newer version with more options (although I prefer the previous version, because it covers everything for me):


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