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Migrating legacy projects to .Net Core/Standard

Introduction After the second version of .NET Core, it is pretty likely to be the future for .NET development, at least for many years. Luckily for legacy projects, Microsoft still continues supporting .NET Framework and developing new versions, such as .NET framework 4.8, which currently available as early access . Even though, .NET Core provides some benefits that might be considered to port your legacy projects from .NET Framework to .NET Core. According to this article Choosing between .NET Core and .NET Framework for server apps , these are the points that you should consider to choose between .NET Core or .NET Framework: Use .NET Core for your server application when: You have cross-platform needs. You are targeting microservices. You are using Docker containers. You need high-performance and scalable systems. You need side-by-side .NET versions per application. Use .NET Framework for your server applic