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Git and branching workflows

Introduction When you are working in a software project, one of the most important aspects is your branching strategy. If you are using GIT (and if don't, probably you should consider it), there are several strategies, such as Gitflow, Github flow and Gitlab flow, etc. In this article, I will try to introduce them and analyse pros and cons for each one. Spoiler alert, there are advantages and disadvantages for all of them, so taking that into account, you should consider which one fits better for your project and team. Environments and software life-cycle First of all, in order to understand why we need a particular branching strategy, we need to have clear which is the relationships between versioning, environments and software life-cycle. Normally, in software development, we can find three environments, where we will be deploying our versions for different purposes. These can be more than three, but lets focus on the basic pipeline. I will call those environments

Benefits of using TypeScript in your project

Introduction Since I started my career in Computer Sciences, I have had the chance to work with a huge variety of frontend and backend technologies. During that period, on the client side, I witnessed how the web has evolved, starting static html, then adding javascript, AJAX, later animations with flash, silverlight or applets, html5 and recently new frontend frameworks like Angular, Vue and React.....or the incoming and promising Blazor, of which I will talk in a future post. So Javascript at the beginning was created to add some scripting capabilities to our static websites, which most of the times led to a lot of spaghetti code difficult to maintain. Ajax was also an important turning point, which allowed us to render our page dynamically, instead of having that ugly user experience produced by server-side rendering frameworks, such as MVC, JSP or PHP. And this fact moved the logic for web pages from server to client, producing a great client experience. However webs become c