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Salesforce: LWC vs Aura components

Introduction Recently I've been working on a salesforce project. This project kicked off as a PoC done by a third party company and it was developed using Aura components (also known as lightning components). In previous projects I've worked with multiple frontend frameworks, such as React, Angular or Vue, and all of them are similar in many points, apart of the concrete features/syntax of each framework. However, the first time I saw Aura components it was a little concerning, since it is not a framework based on standards. It is a highly customised framework. This has two direct consequences: You will have a hard learning curve to learn a custom framework You will be completely restricted by the framework rules and you won't be able to use advanced and modern JavaScript features. Fortunately, Salesforce team was aware of the disadvantages of using Aura components and they have been working on a new framework over the last year. This new framework is Lightnin