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Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi, AWS and Azure DevOps

  Introduction I still remember when I had to ask IT to have a new server. After that, I had to wait and pray for having the server with the corresponding permissions, software, etc. That is that Martin Fowler describes in his article about IaC as the Iron Age. Having lived that experience makes me feel a little old, but at the same time I feel lucky for having experienced the evolution, specially with the introduction of the cloud, or the Cloud Age Since the cloud showed up, the dependencies between developers and IT have been reduced drastically, until the point that most of the work related to infrastructure and operations can be handled by developers. Creating infrastructure on the cloud is really easy, compared to having to setup your on-premise machines. Most providers offer their UI, where you can select what you want to create and which parameters you want to configure. I guess this is how we all stated the first time we used the cloud. However, when your infrast