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How to Setup EventStoreDB on AWS EC2 with Pulumi IaC

Introduction  EventStoreDB (ESDB) is an industrial-strength database technology used as the central data store for event-sourced systems. It is available open-source to run locally on most platforms or as SaaS through Event Store Cloud. Currently their SaaS version is under development, so if you want to run it on your cloud, you will have to set it up. One option is docker, since ESDB is available as docker image on Docker Hub . However, as Greg Young explains in this issue , it might be not the best option when it comes to performance, due to the extra virtualization layer. For the same reason, we don't usually use docker images for other database engines like SQL Server, MongoDB, etc. Then, if you want to run ESDB on cloud, in particular AWS cloud, EC2 + EBS is the most reasonable option.  In this post, I would like to share how you can configure ESDB on EC2+EBS easily with Pulumi, which will allow you to automate this process following the best practices. Creating EC2 with Pulu